Privacy Policy

Professional Traffic Services (“we”, “us” or “our”, as appropriate) does not collect any personal information from your computer or mobile device while you are browsing its website.  However site usage data can be obtained because the site uses Google Analytics, but it will not result in you, as a user, being identified by us. 

Programme registrants

The information requested on the registration forms is for use by us only. Registration data are retained by us for the collection of statistics and for the general purposes set out below.  

Registration information will be held for as long as its processing into collective information/data remains useful for reporting or marketing purposes.

Use of information generally

All information we hold may also be used by us for:

  • the technical operation, maintenance, administration, and support of the website;
  • making purchases from our website;
  • marketing our products and services; and
  • otherwise supporting you, reporting upon, improving and planning our products and services.

All recipients of marketing materials derived from information that we hold about them have an option to unsubscribe from further such material. At any time, you may request a copy of the personal information held about you that we hold, for the purposes of inspecting it and for correction if requested.  Please contact to do that.