Site Traffic Management Supervisor Universal

The STMS U NP course is the start for any TMO or TC wanting to obtain an STMS warrant. The STMS U NP is a required foundation course for all STMS courses when you are new to the STMS qualification and intending to be an on-site STMS on a Category A, B, C or mobile road environment.

Site Traffic Management Supervisor - Universal

Two-Day Training Course

US 31961: Level 3, 5 credits. Explain the requirements for the worksite under temporary traffic management.

2-day In-Class Theory Training (US31961):
Pre-requisite: Current TMO (US31960) or current L1 TC (awarded before April 2021)
  • This is the foundation training course to further your STMS training and is a non-practicing warrant.
  • Training consists of a two-day, 8 hours classroom based learning. The assessment for the STMS U-NP warrant is US31961.

Topics covered are: 

  • Identifying, assessing, and managing risks.
  • Understanding layout distances.
  • Planning site deployments (setup) and calculating necessary resources.
  • Conducting TTM crew briefings

Practical Assessment:
  • There are no practical assessments for this STMS U NP warrant as this is a foundation qualification to further advance to the specific STMS categories required for your role.
  • If you would like to become a practicing STMS working on the network, you will need to complete the relevant STMS category training for the particular environment you require. Further STMS qualifications are: STMS Cat A, STMS Cat B, STMS Cat C, and STMS Mobile. 
Outcomes for this course are:
  • STMS responsibilities 
  • Health and safety processes relevant to their role as an STMS
You will also be able to:
  • Locate information in CoPTTM
  • Calculate TTM equipment for a worksite
  • Identify, assess and manage risk
  • Determine if a TMP is fit for purpose
  • Complete worksite briefings 
  • Lead and give direction to the TTM crew
  • Complete worksite checks and on-site records

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