Traffic Management Operative

After the TTM Worker this course is the next step in your TTM career. With successful completion of both parts of the TMO training, you are able to complete shoulder closures without an STMS as well as maintain closures in the absence of an STMS and more.

Traffic Management Operative (TMO)

1 Day In-Class Training Course +
1 Day Live Network Training

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Part 1: TMO Non-Practicing (US31959):
Pre-requisite: TTM Worker (US31958) or previous L1 TC

  • Training consists of 8 hour in-class training delivered by a TTM Trainer. This is followed by part 2 of on-the-job coaching by a TTM Mentor and then moving onto the final assessment by the TTM Assessor.
  • Learning will consist of: how to mind a worksite in the absence of the STMS, undertaking a roadside activity, completing inspection activities, and more.
  • The assessment for the TMO-NP warrant occurs progressively during the in-class training and is "open book".
  • The TMO-NP warrant must be refreshed every 3 years by successful completion of the TMO-NP workshop

Part 2: TMO Practical Warrant (US31960):

Pre-requisite: TMO-NP (US31959)

There is a range of tasks in the TMO warrant assessment. Some of these are verified by a TTM Mentor and others are assessed by a TTM Assessor.
  • 1 Day Mentoring through US31960 Mentor tasks (Includes: Maintaining closures such as a berm activity and more)
  • 1 Day Assessing through US31960 Assessor tasks (Includes: Maintaining closure such as alternating flow and more)
  • The TMO practicing warrant is renewed once the TMO practical warrant has been re-assessed and successfully completed. The practicing warrant will expire on the same date as the non-practicing warrant.
TMO training outcome:
  • After successful completion of the TMO-NP (US31959), you will be awarded the non-practicing warrant showing your knowledge of the TMO role. Please note that you can not practice on the road until completing the practical warrant assessment.
  • After successful completion of the TMO Warrant Assessment (US31960), you will be awarded the practicing warrant that will allow you to work on the live network within your role's responsibilities.

Next steps: After successful completion of TMO training you are eligible to move onto the STMS training courses, beginning with STMS Universal NP course.

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