Site Traffic Management Specialist - Category A (STMS-Cat A)

1 Day In-Class Training Course +
2 Day Practical Warrant Assessment

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US 31963: Level 3, 20 credits. Operate as a practicing Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS) within a road environment as defined in CoPTTM.


  • STMS - U 
  • STMS of any level expired for more than 12 months
  • STMS of the relevant category expired for more than 12 months
1 Day theory in-class training (Up to 8 hours):

Those who successfully complete the STMS CAT A workshop will be awarded the STMS (A) - NP warrant. They will qualify for Unit Standard 31962 -  explain the requirements for the worksite under temporary traffic management for a road environment as defined in CoPTTM

2 Day Practical Warrant Assessment:

STMS (A) Assessment
You must complete three (3) road closures in a Cat A roading environment.
One of the closures must be a live lane closure with alternating flow control. 
Choose two (2) others, which could include:
  • Shoulder closure
  • Multi-lane closure
Only one of the closures can be a shoulder closure.
One of the closures must deal with either pedestrian or cyclist management. 
The TTM Assessor will observe the live lane closure with alternating flow control.
The TTM Mentor will observe the other two closures.
Outcomes for this learning:
At the end of this workshop the participant will know:
  • The key requirements for category A roads
  • How to locate information in the CoPTTM relating to category A roads
Cone taper line
Next steps:
  • From this course, you are eligible to move on to other STMS training courses or move on to becoming a TTM Mentor

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